Fresh. Cold.

Pressed. Juice.


Rita’s Juice is the first juicebar in Milan that offers freshly made cold pressed juice.


Fresh. Cold. Pressed. Juice


Why did we chose a slow juicer, Estrattore?


All the juices at Rita’s Juice are cold pressed with a slow juicer because we want our customers to experience the highest quality juice out there. All our juices are freshly made-to-order and cold pressed, which means that no compromise has to be made between either fresh juice or cold-pressed juice.


With the slow juicer, estrattore, the fresh ingredients are slowly pressed, instead of being quickly cut, which minimizes oxidations and exposure to heat, the two main factors that significantly reduce the nutritional value of the juice. 


The juice extraction process at Rita’s Juice guarantees healthier juices by maximizing nutritional preservation, the freshness of ingredients, and their rich flavors. First time customers are always surprised by the freshness and rich taste of each recipe.

About Rita

“I moved to Milan in September 2013 to pursue a master’s degree in Marketing Management at Bocconi  University. I worked for 2.5 years at a fashion luxury eCommerce which I resigned from to start this new business”. Rita has been passionate about juicing for about 6 years ever since the day she first tried her first ever cold-pressed juice. From the very beginning, Rita had clear ideas of how she wanted everything to be; from the design of the store to the process, to the recipes, all have been carefully curated by Rita, hence, the name Rita’s Juice.



Since opening its doors to business, Rita’s Juice has been Plastic Free. All of our packaging, cups, lids, straws, and labels are compostable; it looks like plastic but it is actually made out of a material called Ingeo™ (P.L.A.). It is a range of biopolymers derived from corn starch. It is fully biodegradable and compostable according to EN13432.


"All of our packing, cups, lids, straws and labels are compostable"

The choice to go Plastic Free was an easy and obvious decision to make. Since all of the juices are sold in disposable cups, we simply could not use regular plastic.


Since May 2019, we are also officially part of Milano Plastic Free. It is a campaign by Comune di Milano in collaboration with Legambiente, to promote businesses around Milan that voluntarily decide to reduce or eliminate single-use plastic.


This campaign is also aligned with the European Commission’s new EU rule to reduce marine litter by eliminating single use plastic.



Our menu is composed of six recipes, that are rotated throughout the year to match what each season has best to offer. Each recipe has both fresh fruits and fresh vegetables that are pressed together to create a sweet tasty flavor.

Discover our current seasonal menu below. Move over on each image to discover more!



• pineapple • 

lemon • golden apple •  • basil •

• spinach • asparagus •




pear papaya 





• blood orange 

golden apple

beets lemon 




orange cucumber 

kale kiwi 

• golden apple 

• celery •



pineapple fenel

cucumber lime

apple ginger



• clementine carrots 


zucchine thym 

ginger golden apple 




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Via Gaudenzio Ferrari, 4

Milan, Italy

We are located at a side street at Corso Genova,

in the center of Milan, a 5 min walk from Navigli.

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If you are the old school kind, call us on +390236630965

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